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Here’s what we’ve been up to

One-Third of Global Consumers Expected to Use VR by 2020

An exciting new study by Ericsson ConsumerLab claims that a third of global consumers will be using virtual reality in some form by the year 2020.

Microsoft Acquires Social Virtual Reality App AltspaceVR

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the social virtual reality app AltspaceVR bringing an end to months of speculation regarding the future of the VR startup.

VRPlayin Beer Night

VRPlayin brings you the long due beer night! Come drink and play VR!

Hollywood & AMC Theaters Back Virtual Reality with Dreamscape Immersive

AMC is buying into virtual reality by investing more than $20 million dollars in Dreamscape Immersive, a LA based VR start up seeking to create awesome Virtual reality experiences.

Get Ready For The Virtual Reality Gym

Get ready for the virtual reality gym! Gone are the days where gaming equated physical inactivity due to the exhilarating new virtual reality experience by the Icaros.

Chrome Now Lets You Browse All Of The Web In Virtual Reality

Google Chrome now lets you browse the web in virtual reality creating a truly remarkable virtual reality experience. The functionality exists for any website you visit using your mobile phone.

WeChat is Creating its Own AR Platform

China’s largest messaging app ‘WeChat’ has begun to create it’s own augmented reality platform, which will continue to evolve ones’ virtual reality experience.

How VR is Going To Have A Huge Impact On Marketing

People don’t usually associate Virtual Reality and Marketing, however Virtual Reality Experiences will likely impact your business in the coming years. Here’s how.

Virtual Reality Arcade Coming to MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is introducing an exciting new virtual reality experience by bringing Zero Latency’s warehouse scale free-roam multiplayer VR to it’s gaming lounge.

Introducing Mixed Reality

Analysts expect the market for AR/VR to grow exponentially in 2018, creating a unique virtual experience for VR users.

Controlling a Bomb Disposal Robot in Virtual Reality

A nonprofit has outfitted a bomb disposal robot with virtual reality, finding a way of taking a virtual reality experience and making it not just feel real, but well, be real.

The Future is Bright with VR Education

Virtual Reality has been attracting a lot of attention recently, but VR is not only going to be used for gaming, as several companies exploring education applications.

Is Myanmar the World’s Newest Virtual Reality Centre?

After decades of conflict and strife, Myanmar is rebuilding itself using virtual reality technology and virtual reality experiences to lead the way.

Virtual Reality to Counsel Lottery Winners

Lotto-Quebec is now using virtual reality to help winners cope with the emotional and financial stress that often comes with winning large sums of money.

NASA Explores Virtual Reality Applications

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, six multidisciplinary pilot projects are underway, each aiming to apply virtual reality in ways that NASA can benefit from.

Consumers & Enterprises to Benefit as HTC Cuts Price of Vive VR System

HTC cuts the price of its Vive VR system, following Oculus Rift’s price decrease earlier this month, in a move that benefits consumers and enterprises, opening the door for further VR adoption.

AltspaceVR is back from the dead!

One of the first virtual reality social network companies, AltspaceVR potentially could be staying online, after suddenly announcing its shutdown last month.

NFL Refs Using VR Platform to Prepare for New Season

NFL refs are using STRIVR's unique virtual reality training platform as part of the league's efforts to better prepare refs for live-game scenarios ahead of the new season.

Coldplay Concert Coming to Virtual Reality

Live Nation and Samsung have teamed up to broadcast Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” live in virtual reality. The virtual reality experience will take place from Chicago’s Soldier Field on August 17th.

Star Wars Is Coming to VR

Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm and The Void announced exciting plans to create a Star Wars virtual reality experience opening later this year.

HP Announces Virtual Reality Backpack

The full potential of virtual reality will be brought to life with the recent announcement of the most powerful wearable VR computer, the HP Z VR Backpack.

AltspaceVR’s shutdown & The Future of VR

Social VR app ALTspaceVR are closing their physical & virtual doors this week due to lack of interest from investors and running out of cash.

VR Content Company Within Raised $40 Million

VR content company Within & co-founder Chris Milk raised $40 million in funding to help it produce further virtual reality immersive content and experiences.

Marvel Powers United VR

Announced at Disney’s D23 Expo, Marvel Powers United VR is going to allow players to become Marvel hero’s, leaving many VR gamers eagerly awaiting 2018.

VR is Improving Health Care. Here’s How.

Virtual reality has been used to treat phobias for many years, but medical researchers have began to discover that it can do so much more than that.

Disney is Utilizing VR For Lion King Remake

Disney is currently using virtual reality technology to assist with the production of its live action remake of The Lion King, scheduled for release in 2019.

How VR is Revolutionizing Education

Education is being revolutionized by the technological breakthroughs of virtual reality. From Museums to dangerous locations, VR can bring an educational experience like no other.

Get Ready To Browse Facebook Using VR

Facebook’s new virtual reality app, Spaces, aims to make VR more personal and social, creating an immersive virtual reality experience.

Tokyo Startup Vaqso Aims To Help You Smell Inside VR

Vaqso has created an odor-omitting gadget that’s meant to be attached to VR headsets to fulfil VR’s full potential and created an awesome VR arcade experience.

Don’t Expect PS5 to Be Released Anytime Soon

Sony admits it will be some time before we see the next iteration of the console. VRPlayin looks at whether PS4 be powerful enough to support VR in the meantime.

Google’s VR180

VRPlayin is excited about the recent announcement about Google launching a new cinematic VR format that should be as accessible as YouTube videos for consumers.

Month Long Celebration!

Let's have a month long celebrationg for the 150th birthday of Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Let's celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada together in VR before the fireworks!

VR on the Web?

Web VR has the potential of making VR more accessible to consumers at a lower cost. However, to make this a reality the challenge of compressing data will need to be overcome.

Conquering the Challenges of VR

VR equipment, games and graphics take some getting used to if you have never been in an immersive gaming world before. Learn how to overcome these challenges and enjoy all the VR has to offer!

VR Thankful

We want to take the time to thank each and everyone one of you that came out to our open house. We appreciate your support and your sense of adventure testing out our virtual reality arcade.

Our Open House

Come and Join us for our Open House Today, June 14th from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.! We are excited to share this moment with everyone, as it is free for all to attend.

Changing Minds with VR Experiences

Recent VR sceptic Teddy from Innerspace visited the only virtual reality arcade, or as he refers to it, Virtual Reality Lounge, in Toronto to see if his mind could be changed about VR. Teddy came to VRPlayin not understanding all of the hype around VR. Upon his visit he met with Valerie Blackstock,

Google and Owlchemy Labs Team Up for the Future of VR

The world of Virtual Reality is about to get a whole lot more intense as Google and Owlchemy have joined forces to create amazing content for the future of VR.

What Seat Will You Choose?

All of the soccer aka football fans would love to watch the UEFA Champions League and Europa League live. Well, lucky for those soon they could - thanks to VR!

Take a Break - VRn’t Kiddin

Just finished your crazy school year? Or, perhaps you are still having to work and are in dire need of a break? Well there is only thing to do - enter for a chance to win the ultimate VR experience with us!

VR - The Next Frontier in Gaming: To Boldly Go Where 'Everyone' Should Have Gone Before

Just a few years ago, the very concept of virtual reality - or simulated 3D worlds we view through special goggles strapped to our face - seemed like an outlandish concept. 2017 has made it into a mainstream reality! Virtual Reality offers the foundations for a revolutionary and truly ground-breakin

The Joys of Bio-Sensing in a Virtual Reality World

The world of Virtual Reality gaming has come to a threshold of revolutionary progress that is set to change forever how we view gaming.

How VR Gaming Helps To Polish Your Mind

Virtual Reality and VR Gaming are not just limited to entertainment, as a technology and a gaming medium it has tremendous mental, intellectual, cognitive and physical benefits.

VR Gaming - An Escape from Reality?

Virtual Reality is a world of its own. A world where dreams are no longer limited by the constraints of technology, but in fact created by the limitless bounds of human imagination!

5 Reasons Why 2017 is the Year for VR Gaming

Why is VR so relevant in this day and age? It connects us in a more profound way than any other form of digital media. Allowing us to change perception of each other, the space, the world, and the limitations around.

Total Disconnect or Enhanced Environment

Would you rather be in an enhanced environment of your own setting or be completely submerged in a fictional world you didn’t know existed?