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What is VRPlayin?

Do you remember arcades? Dark rooms with sticky floors and games that fed off quarters? Sounds scary, right? Maybe, but don’t worry. We’ve updated the concept for the 21st century. And with virtual reality gaming, total immersion within the game world allows you to worry about the game and not how much change you have in your pocket.

We have the best in VR.

Conceptualized by VNovus, a leading VR Agency, VRPlayin is your state of the art home for the future of gaming. And with our lineup of HTC Vive stations and a large, growing number of games, we’ve got your virtual reality needs covered.

With over a dozen stations to explore.

Not only are we big enough to accommodate you and your friends, but as we add new platforms and our selection of games continues to grow, we can ensure you will find fresh new experiences with each visit.

Enjoying VR couldn’t be simpler


Just click ‘Book Now’ and use our user-friendly booking tool to select when and for how long you’d like to play as well as how many stations you need.


Once booked, you’re all set. Just show up at your appointed time and be prepared to have your mind blown. You don’t have to bring anything special but we do recommend wearing light, versatile clothing.


Have your mind blown. With our large selection of games along with multiplayer options if you have booked multiple stations, it’s inevitable.

How many games do we have?

The short answer is: a lot. And with our extensive and diverse selection growing every day, we can certainly say there’s something at VRPlayin for everyone.

Want to try it out? Don’t wait.
Book right now starting from $29/hr