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Birthday Parties

A Virtual Reality Playground!

Looking to book a unique venue in Toronto for your next birthday party? VRPlayin offers a birthday venue like no other for kids ages 8 and up, with 18 Virtual Reality stations loaded with fun activities. Each station offers a diverse catalog of Virtual Reality experiences and games, ready for your group to play together!

Let each child at the party experience Virtual Reality at their own pace, or have one of our staff guide them through a group activity together! Our kids parties are self-guided with a focus on fun and safety in the world of VR.

We have over 30 kid-friendly VR experiences for them to jump into together, or on their own. As well as a party room and easy catering options to make it a hassle free experience for everyone!


Never done Virtual Reality before? Confused on where to start? We’ll make it easy for you!

Our Party Packages are based on the number of stations your group would like to book. There are two ways to book, great for all different types of play styles.


Each of our stations can handle up to 3 people at once, with one person playing and two people watching the action on our screens. With one hour booking, each person will receive 20 minutes of play time and plenty of time for socializing in real life!


Alternatively, for more team building activities, book enough stations so everyone has a station to themselves. This way each individual can enjoy the full hour of play time, and your group host will guide them through activities together and no one will be waiting!

Package Options

4 VR Stations with a maximum of 12 guests
Starting at $135
8 VR Stations with a maximum of 24 guests
Starting at $260
10 VR Stations with a maximum of 30 guests
Starting at $320


Arm yourself with sword and shield or bow and arrow and step through the portal for a series of epic fantasy adventures! Team up with 3 other adventures to help defeat the onslaught of orc invaders! When all else fails don’t forget to use magic!

Max # of Players 4
Average Play Time 30 Min
Kid Approved YES

For those groups and individuals looking for a slower pace, what could be more fun than a game of virtual mini golf! Set in a beautifully landscaped course high above the clouds, and a wide range of wacky holes to choose from. No swing or power meters here, just swing your club to play.

Max # of Players 4
Average Play Time 30 Min
Kid Approved YES

A team-based competitive dodgeball style game with easy to learn controls, and instant multiplayer action. Shoot, duck behind cover, and co-ordinate with team mates in Virtual Reality!

Max # of Players 6
Average Play Time 30 Min
Kid Approved YES

A great game for groups in Virtual Reality, or individuals that want to meet other players from all around the world. Jump into Rec Room and hang out in your dorm room, customize your avatar’s appearance, and party it up in a variety of different sports activities. Great team games like Paintball, Charades, Soccer and so much more!

Max # of Players 8
Average Play Time 45 Min
Kid Approved YES

A great introduction to Virtual Reality for groups of all ages and sizes! Easy, pick up and play controls set in a western saloon! Shoot green goo at your friends, smash tables over their heads, use anything and everything in this competitive brawl!

Max # of Players 8
Average Play Time 20 Min
Kid Approved YES


Looking to bring in outside food, cake or presents to your party? We have a private party room for you to do so! Book the party room before, after, or during your booking to bring in outside food, or have us handle the catering and hard work for you! We will supply tables, tablecloths and clean up after your group. Please note that with outside food your group is responsible for supplying cutlery and plates.

There are two ways to set up the party room; great for all different types of party style.

Seated Setup

A more intimate setting perfect for meetings, workshops and celebratory speeches while taking a break from Virtual Reality! Great for groups of 10 kids or less.

Buffet Setup

A buffet style food setup, with a lounge perfect for breaks or for parents to relax in while the kids are at play. Kids can take drinks and snacks back to the stations with them in order to keep watching all the Virtual Reality fun! Recommended for groups of 10 kids or more.

Both options are just $50 per hour and can be booked before, after, or during your session pending availability. While we don’t provide decorations at the moment, your groups are more than welcome to decorate the party room as you see fit!


Looking for a special treat for your birthday boy or girl? We can handle the catering for you as well!

Options What's Included Per 4 Guests
Basic Party 1 Large Pizza + 2L Pop $29*
Birthday Party 1 Large Pizza + 2L Pop + 1 Cake $49*

*13% HST applies


A kid’s birthday party wouldn’t be complete without customized birthday party invitations! Once booked in we’ll provide a template that can be handed out in class to kids, or through email to parents with all the information they’ll need to know

Please note that parents or guardians will be required to sign a short activity waiver in order for minors to be able to play in our Virtual Reality stations.

Ready to book? Awesome! We can’t wait to host your birthday party. To book an event please contact us via email at:, by phone 647-946-4331, during our regular business hours, or complete the form below and we’ll be happy to provide you with the available dates and additional package and pricing options.